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Spaw Packages

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Basic Bathe

from $30

Our Basic Bathe package is perfect for dogs who need a little sprucing up. This package includes a thorough wash with our regular dog shampoo to leave your pup smelling fresh and clean. We'll also trim your dog's nails to ensure they're at a safe length and clean their ears to prevent infections. This package is a great option for dogs who need a routine bath and some light grooming.

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Deluxe Bathe

from $40

Our Deluxe Bathe package is perfect for pups who need a little extra TLC. This package includes everything in our Basic Bathe package, with the added bonus of your choice of whitening shampoo, deshedding shampoo or a flea treatment shampoo. We'll also give your pup a facial to help rejuvenate their skin and leave their coat shiny and soft. In addition, we'll clean your dog's teeth to help keep their smile sparkling and healthy. With the Deluxe Bathe package, your pup will leave feeling clean, refreshed, and looking their best

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Full Groom

from $55

Give Your Furry Friend a Complete Makeover with Our Full Groom Package! This includes a Basic Full Body Haircut, Ear Cleaning, Nail Trim, Teeth Cleaning, and a Bath with our regular shampoo. Want a little extra? You can add our Whitening, Deshedding, or Flea Treatment options to the bath for an additional fee. Plus, for an extra $10, choose from our specialty cuts. Your pup will leave our salon looking and feeling fantastic!

A La Carte Services

Ear Cleaning
Ear cleaning is vital for your dog's health. Our expert service removes dirt and prevents infections using safe, effective products. Trust us for gentle, thorough ear care for your furry friend.
Under Eye Cleaning
This service is perfect for dogs who have tear stains or buildup under their eyes. We use gentle, all-natural products to clean the area around the eyes, leaving your dog looking fresh and bright-eyed.
Teeth Cleaning
Our Teeth Cleaning service helps freshen your pup's breath and promote healthy teeth and gums. Using pet-safe products and gentle techniques, we provide a thorough cleaning to remove plaque and tartar buildup.
Nail Trim
Our nail trim service includes trimming and filing your dog's nails to a safe and comfortable length, ensuring their paws are healthy and happy.
Gland Expression
Anal gland expression is crucial for dogs with gland issues. These glands can cause discomfort if impacted or infected. Our skilled groomers offer a safe service to alleviate your pet's discomfort.
Sanitary Trim
The Sanitary Trim package is perfect for maintaining your pup's hygiene. It includes a facial trim, sanitary area trim, and a paw pad trim, ensuring your furry friend is looking and feeling their best.
Nose and Paw Balm
Nose and paw balm is a soothing, moisturizing treatment for your dog's dry or cracked nose and paws. This treatment helps to prevent cracking and bleeding, providing comfort and relief for your furry friend.
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